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Yemensoft in SITEX Khartoum 2018
YemenSoft at GITEX Dubai 2014
Yemensoft launches the new version of Onyx Pro at GITEX Dubai 2014
La suite MoutakamelPlus est conçu pour le traitement et l’automatisation des opérations financières dans le réseau de l’entreprise, augmenter les performances et assurer la cohérence des données comptable, et assurer l’expansion des activités d’une façon flexible et sécurisée
YemenSoft in CeBIT 2016
YemenSoft participated in the CeBIT 2016 World Technology in Hanover, Germany to showcase its latest software releases to European and international markets
50 Innovative Companies To Watch 2018
YemenSoft was selected as one of the top 50 innovative companies for the year of 2018 by the US universal technology magazine The Silicon Review



  • The E-Wallet System provides banking services via mobile phone. The customer's default account is linked to his mobile phone number.
  • Attracts new segments of customers who does not have bank accounts “Unbanked Accounts”.

  • Enables the customer to use his mobile phone to perform most of the banking transactions at any time. Epitomizes greater convenience and cost effectiveness.e-wall-pic.jpg

  • Provides broader spread of financial electronic servicesby Merchants and Agents.

  • Assists banks and financial institutions to work in accordance with the best performance standards and lowest operational costs possible.

  • Supports the national economic upliftment through the use of electronic services instead of cash.

  • It’s always is an economic propeller and boosts economic annual GDP by 3% points.

  • And payments using a wallet, are transparent, clean and usually quite simple.

Clubs & Parks Management Software

Clubs & Parks Management System

Managing the facility operations of the youth and social activity, entertaining parks, and fitness clubs with their administrational, technical and financial performance. By using the system, the management will assure that the members and the facility staffs take advantage of its provided services.

(Gym, Spa, Fitness Clubs, Health Centers, social clubs, Amusement Parks)




Switchboard Operating System

  1. Saving a lot of money by rationing use of telephone in the organization.
  2. The comprehensive and accurate control of the outgoing calls motion in the organization keeping operator always informed about the calls of the organization with all bodies.
  3. Organizing and controlling cost accounting of organization calls in a manner that suites work conditions.
  4. Preventing abuse of phone and any wrong relevant practices such as lengthening call times or using phone for personal purposes.
  5. Controlling and analyzing phone bills of local and international calls.
  6. Comparing between the personal calls and client calls.


The Financial Analysis and Control System

  1. Can be connected with any accounting system from YemenSoft to provide management with information that is help in building strategies and decisions making.
  2. Comparing plans, trial balances, and sale targets with what has been achieved.
  3. Following up the accounts transactions of branches and analyzing their performance currently by multi-option.
  4. Retrieving records and documents of the financial process to the work screen in order to review their details.
  5. Monitoring inventory turnover to study the cost reduction of stagnant items and activate them.
  6. Measuring the efficiency of client orders fulfillment; what have been implemented and what haven’t.
  7. Capability of designing any statement of financial analysis according to management requirements.


Archiving System

Archiving System

It is used for auto keeping and indexing documents and files and issuing detailed reports of all various data with the capability to be reviewed at anytime and from anywhere.

Key Functions

  • Design the archiving tree in many levels according to the appropriate classification for the company. In the last level of the tree, which is specified for the document, the user can design default fields that fit the archived documents data by of the system.
  • Index and record documents in the primary storage of system via many methods of keeping, recording and retrieving at anytime  and from anywhere on work network and in multiple methods of reading.
  • Manage all documents, record, users, groups and privileges with a precise auto control of all users by the system's administrator.
  • Issue summary and detailed reports of the company documents, contents, categories and various data.

Restaurant Management System

  1. Recording bills of meals provided to clients such as Point of Sales works with high speed and accuracy.
  2. Distributing orders of meals among the sections of the kitchen.
  3. Creating a group of foods under a specific name so that a client can use it many times.
  4. Reserving groups of foods for a banquet or occasion.
  5. Compatible with all types of restaurants; prepaid tables, take away, delivery…etc.


Almuhaseb 1 accounting system


The most important functions for  Almuhaseb 1 accountant system :

  1. Recording the financial operations of the adjustments entries , bonds, and arranged them according to different series.
  2. Make an appropriate chart of accounts for the facility and its activity.
  3. Automatic processing of cash sales, credit sales and its returns and financial influence on the accounts
  4. Influence on the stores for the quantity and value in the case of a sale and return
  5. Processing for inventory operations from orders exchange, orders supply, and arranged them according to different series.
  6. Inventory Influence on the stores for quantity and cost.


Hotel Management System


  1. Performing the processes of reservation and hosting guests, controlling of room changing and leaving according to the privileges that hotel presents to their clients whether they are individuals, groups or companies.
  2. Documenting the services provided to clients and issuing detailed invoices for cash and credit services.
  3. Controlling the phone calls of guests and providing detailed data of calling activity with several options.
  4. Issuing brief and detailed reports of organization documents, their contents,                              categories and variety of data.
  5. Recording the revenues of the services provided in the account of guest according to services invoices.
  6. Viewing various reports of operation activity with multi-option.  


The Fleet Management System

The most important functions of fleet management system:

  1. Control of the fleet and equipment, such as, fleet of distribution’s cars in terms of expenditure and income.
  2. Management of fleet traffic and its equipment by their inputs and outputs and the various operations and records.
  3. Entry the data equipment, , trailers, drivers, customers itineraries and vehicle’s case and the case of the driver to stop or under service and equipment expenses from petroleum, diesel and oil.
  4. Full maintenance system and management of traffic system.
  5. Follow-up counter equipment from the time of the trip until the end of the trip and expenses incurred on the trip and revenues.


Fingerprint Attendance System


Most important functions of the fingerprint attendance system:

  1. Monitoring employees' work hours on daily basis.
  2. Issuing daily reports regarding attendance with several options in accordance with the facility's needs.
  3. Dealing with vacations, authorizations, assignments and excuses more easily.
  4. Departments' employees attendance monitoring mechanism in several means.

Hotel Pro




Hotel Professional

To Manage, process and control hotel booking and reception, internal supervision and guest services, document housing data, manage business quality and delivery, and migrate the financial operations of the accounting program.

Fingerprint devices

Time Attendance and access control

Telebanking Service System

Telebanking system provides you with bank information and procedures via phone, through Interactive voice response (IVR) technology. Telebanking system is an integrated information system developed for IVR unit by YemenSoft. As leader providers in this field in Yemen, we are competent to develop optimal solutions of IVR integrated systems.

Yet, there is no competitive medium of telephone network in access, speed, economy and information focus. Information exchange process through this medium is focused exactly between sender and receiver, since receiver gets only the particular information he wants whereas sender controls the nature and quantity of information provided. All these information are available alive and confidential at any time required.     

In the bank provides this service, clients are able to get actual information immediately about their accounts by using any phone, anywhere, any time.

Clients can also send instructions regarding their accounts transactions to the bank.

Although bank officer at present time searches information manually with a careful manner, but most banks have no effective means to enables client to get information by phone.

And this causes clients and bank employees somewhat of frustration equally.

To avoid such a problem, you can connect a computer provided by a telebanking system with a telephone of processing software in order to transmit information to caller.

Telebanking system utilizes human voice recorded digitally to instruct caller through the device he calls from and follows several of optional menus and responses the service wanted by caller either by voice or via fax. All telebanking services are provided for clients during  24 hours a day, 7 days a week , 365 days a year. Caller is charged of information transmission cost.   

The bank can also publish information according to publish list in scheduled times.

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