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YemenSoft in CeBIT 2015
Onyx Pro 2015 at GITEX Dubai 2014
La suite MoutakamelPlus est conçu pour le traitement et l’automatisation des opérations financières dans le réseau de l’entreprise, augmenter les performances et assurer la cohérence des données comptable, et assurer l’expansion des activités d’une façon flexible et sécurisée
YemenSoft in CeBIT 2015
YemenSoft invite you to see our new software versionsby visiting stand NO.A26/1, hall No.5 in Exhibition from 16-20 March in Hannover, Germany

Data Security and Firewalls Solutions(SOPHOS)

YemenSoft markets, installs and provides after-sale services for software and security devices and firewalls of SOPHOS international company.

Since YemenSoft is a sole agent of SOPHOS in Yemen and Middle East, both companies have a relation of partnership and wide services exchange.    



The Intelligent Solutions for Phone Switchboard(SIEMENS)

YemenSoft provides big and medium phone switch devices which utilize IP technology to connect branches through internet. This technology is developed by SIEMENS international Co.

  YemenSoft is the sole agent in Yemen and Middle East of marketing SIEMENS products and provides after-sales services.

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Or contact directly this address: info@yemensoft.net


Devices of Network Connection and Switch Board of Giant Organizations

YemenSoft provides for market in Yemen and Middle East BROCADE products of Network Connections and Switch board for giant organizations that are globally well-known.

Since YemenSoft is the sole agent of BROCADE, it markets products and provides all services after sale high effectively.


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Or contact directly this address:info@yemensoft.net


The Integrated Solutions for Hospitals Management (Wipro)

Yemensoft has a wide partnership and service exchange relations with Wirpo company.

 Yemensoft markets and implements solutions of Wirpo, as a sole agent in Yemen and Middle East.

The financial and administrative software solutions of YemenSoft are connected with Wirpo products for providing worldwide adopted integrated management solutions.

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Or contact directly this address: info@yemensoft.net

Computer Telephony Products CTP

  • IVR Application.
  • IVR Application for money exchange companies.
  • Tele Competition Application.
  • Telebanking System.
  • Short Messages Service Solutions (SMS).
  • Fax Server Server.
  • Devices and Programs of Public Call from Indian Company Limra.
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