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YemenSoft at GITEX Dubai 2014
Yemensoft launches the new version of Onyx Pro at GITEX Dubai 2014
La suite MoutakamelPlus est conçu pour le traitement et l’automatisation des opérations financières dans le réseau de l’entreprise, augmenter les performances et assurer la cohérence des données comptable, et assurer l’expansion des activités d’une façon flexible et sécurisée
YemenSoft in CeBIT 2015
YemenSoft participated in the CeBIT 2015 World Technology in Hanover, Germany to showcase its latest software releases to European and international markets

YemenSoft Solutions

YemenSoft provides integrated software solutions which are suitable for the various sectors of market ( commercial, Industrial, service) with all sizes ( starting, small, middle, big), YemenSoft also takes into consideration the attainment of client objectives and the raise their performance when they use its solutions, by:

  1. Fulfilling clients' requirement, satisfying their expectations by providing them with best solutions for their problems.
  2. Improving their performance by saving effort, money and time, increasing their productivity.
  3. Helping them in taking right business decisions regarding the relative issues. 


YemenSoft solutions characterize by many features such as:

* Easy to learn, use and get used to them.

* Multi-language (Arabic- English – French).

* Developed with up-to-date programing languages.

* Multi-user.
* Operate in networks.
* Compatible with any version of MS Windows.
* Have multiple-level security system.
* Capability of integration with each other in one package (ERP).
* Data importing or exporting to Microsoft applications.
* Adaptability with client requirements.
* Support all common types of database (Oracle-MS SQL – Access).
*  Multi-company and multi-branches.
* Multi-currency.
* Multi-store and multi-warehouse. 

YemenSoft has many products, which can be used separately as independent programs or integrated solutions (ERP) to achieve the objectives of the organization such as: 

* Increase efficiency.
* The integration among the branches, departments and sections of the organization in one automated system.
* Cost reduction and profit increment.
* Providing better services for the clients of the beneficiary organization. 

YemenSoft solutions vary as follows:

* Independent projects.
* Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) – OnyxPro Package( Large Business).
* Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) – Motakamel  Plus (Medium Business).
* Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) – Al-Motakamel Package (Small Business).
* Specialized solutions for variety of fields.
* Special solutions implemented exclusively by YemenSoft.

First: Solution of independent project:

YemenSoft implements specialized projects for bodies according to independent study, projects proceed through all software development phases: studying and analysis, designing and coding, verification and testing, implementation, training, delivery in addition to possibility of upgrading after delivery, such as the project of the financial and accounting system AFMIS, which was implemented for the government of Yemen with three components (Preparation of state general budget, implementation of state general budget, the closing accounts)

The first stage of the projects was the automation of four main sovereign ministries, connecting them with the Central Bank of Yemen. In addition to hundreds of giant projects in governmental, mixed, and private sector which, had been implemented by YemenSoft for ministries, airways companies, oil and insurance companies and industrial organizations.

Second: OnyxPro solutions for large businesses 

OnyxPro package specialized for big business organization with variety of activities (Industrial, commercial, service), developed with Oracle database. OnyxPro can provided as separated solutions        or integrated solutions (ERP) which, consists of several of sub-systems manifested as follows:  

> OnyxPro : The comprehensive accounting system

* Accounts Management System
* Inventory Management System
* Purchasing and Vendors Management System
* Sales and Clients Management Systems
* Project Management System
* Budget & Planning System

> Onyx Light System (Sale Center)

> Fixed Assets Management System (Sale Center)

> Production Resource Management

* Production Cost Management System
* Production Management System

>  Distribution and Collection System

>  Human Resource Management System

* Payroll System
* Administration Affair System

> Exchange Company Management System 

Third: Motakamel Plus Solutions (For Business Medium)

Motakamel Plus  developed  for medium size business(commercial, service, small industries) with the sole activity and multi-branch and sale centers (on-line/off-line),multi-user.Motkamel Plus was developed with MS Microsoft technology with MS SQL Server. It can be provided as separated applications or integrated package which, consists of:

> The Accounting System ( Motakamel Plus)

* Accounts Management System
* Inventory Management System
* Purchase Management System
* Sale Management System

> Point-of-Sale System

> Motakamel Plus Light (Sale Centers).

> Fixed Assets Management System

> Production Costs System.

Fourth: Al-Motakamel Solution (for small business)

A package of integrated solutions developed for small business organization (commercial-service). It operates on local network (LAN- intranet) by 1-3 users, and separated branches off-line connected by synchronization tool of Microsoft technology. The package consists of the following modules:

<   Integrated Accounting System (Seventh Version)

* Accounts Management System
* Inventory Management System
* Purchase Management System
* Sales Management System 

> Point-of-Sale System

> Payroll System

Fifth : Specialized solutions for variety of businesses

Developed for satisfy needs of certain sectors of market, and it can be complementary for activities of some clients, working within any packages of YemenSoft solution, and they are:

*  The Financial Analysis and Control System
*  The Attendance Control by print finger
*  The Money Exchange and Transfer System
*  The Archiving System
*  Hotel Management System
*  Restaurant Management System
*  Supply Chain Management
*  Switchboard and Central System
*  Shareholders System
*  Public Phone Service System   
*  Telebanking Service System
*  Gate Movement Control System
*  Library Management System
*  Billing and Ticketing System
*  Performance Indicating System
*  Organization Membership System
*  Al-Mohaseb Al-Awal ( Personal and Simple Accounts Management)

Sixth: Specialized Solutions implemented by YemenSoft

*    Archiving and Documents Management Solutions (Fortis)
*    The Integrated Solutions for Hospitals Management (Wirpo)
*    The Intelligent Solutions for Phone Switchboard(SIEMENS)
*    Data Security and Firewalls Solutions(SOPHOS) 

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