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La suite MoutakamelPlus est conçu pour le traitement et l’automatisation des opérations financières dans le réseau de l’entreprise, augmenter les performances et assurer la cohérence des données comptable, et assurer l’expansion des activités d’une façon flexible et sécurisée
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Tailoring Factories Management System

Tailoring Factories Management System:

The system delivers accounting and productivity management for different tailoring and brocading factories (dresses, suits, gowns, abayas, couches, seatings, curtains and all kinds of clothes and carpets) according to company's business nature and the products' selling place.

Main Configurations:

  • Defining the tailoring laboratory products that are provided to the customers with their models and options.
  • Defining the sewing stages of the customers' orders in details with scheduling and arranging their tasks.



A fully integrated solution for managing fixed assets. The system facilitates defining unlimited number of assets types, and tracing all assets movement and record the variance of the asset value. As well as, the system link each assets with its’ actual location, and calculate the asset’s depreciation. The system is build based on the modern accounting methods for recording, following up and evaluation of the assets.


Main Configurations:

-          Define the assets groups and link them with accounts.

-          Add the asset’s details, depreciation and its’ accounts.

-          Link cost centers on a group wise, location wise, or asset wise.

-          Define the assets’ depreciation periods.

Time Attendance System

Time Attendance System:

A system that specialized in automated control of the attendance and management of the related variables of the employee's time and tasks and based on the Human Resources policy in the company and dealing with all kinds of fingerprint devices.

Main Configurations:

  1. Determining the time duration to calculate the attendance and departure of employees according to the company's regulations.
  2. Formulating the different working hours at the organization according to the functional regulations.
  3. Defining the official holidays of each branch according to the country/ region laws.
  4. Connecting the fingerprint devices to the server in different ways of connections.

Human Resources Management System

Human Resources Management System:

Integrated management of all employees' data. Delivers accurate and consistent information for management precise decisions making and organizing various necessary procedures to ensure simple human resources management at the organization.

Main Configurations:

  • Forming functional obligations according to the requirements of each department.
  • Entering the employees personal and occupational data along with their accounts and link them with their wages and salaries.
  • Preparing the organizational structure at its levels, tasks and job titles.
  • Preparing the staff evaluation requirements with official standards and multiple assessment periods.
  • Implementing the time periods to calculate the salaries issuance and the preparation of salary loans and staff vacations, allowances, and deductions.
  • Categorizing the training needs, courses requirements, and the implementation details.

MoneyTrans System For Exchange Companies

To meet the market demands, and as a result of our clients business growth in the sector of money exchange companies with multiple branches and clients. In addition to the necessity of covering more areas as possible in order to be closer customers, transferring funds in easiest, fastest with least costs.

Beside the technical development in database field, enabling our clients to take advantage of this development to improve their business.

YemenSoft has developed Mony Trans System to save the investment out its clients and secure the investment of the prospective clients.           


The Integrated Solutions for Hospitals Plus

Hospital Plus Management System (HMS):

The system aims to organize the administrative, the medical, and the financial transactions in Hospitals. As well as, the system enables the working staff to effectively organize all medicals processes and archive the patients' medical files (E-File) properly to have efficient access to the patients' medical files (E-File) from any department anytime.

HMS Goals:

-          Link all the hospital departments in the system. And facilitate the access to the patient medical file (E-File) from anywhere and anytime.

-          Archive all the medical procedures for the patient from entering the hospital at the first time to the final discharge, to have a full history about every patient.

-          Facilitate the Doctors' work by using the patient medical file (E-File), to get all needed information about the patient.

-          Organize the work between the hospital and the insurance companies.

Al Motakamel Plus Accounting

Motakamel Plus ERP

  • Designed for all kinds of medium business in the commercial, industrial, and services fields.
  • Processing the financial transactions in work network and controlling accounting performance to ensure accurate performance, control liquidity, and allow activity expansion flexibly and securely.
  • Developed with MS SQL Server Database to achieve great performance, quick processing, data protection, and flexible linking and integration between all modules.
  • High efficiency of performance in all sectors, fitness of all business environments even those which use weights and measures or which have lots of items such as drugstores.
  • Trilingual: Arabic, English, and French, Tukey..
  • Achieving instantaneous management of opportunities or risks and supporting administration with required information through miscellaneous reports.



v The Most Important Function Of System:

  • The optimal sale solutions in all retail stores.
  • Capability of establishment hundreds point of sales which are connected with one retail store or several distant stores.
  • Calculating sale values through mechanical reading of item’s data by barcode reader.
  • Capability of connecting with scales and pricing by parts of the main units such as kilo, pound, gram…etc.
  • Handling the sale partial and total returns and executing the inventory effect accordingly.
  • Issuing the necessary reports of sale processes which carried out in each point of sale. 
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