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La suite MoutakamelPlus est conçu pour le traitement et l’automatisation des opérations financières dans le réseau de l’entreprise, augmenter les performances et assurer la cohérence des données comptable, et assurer l’expansion des activités d’une façon flexible et sécurisée
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System's Functions

Motakamel Plus ERP

  • Designed for all kinds of medium business in the commercial, industrial, and services fields.
  • Processing the financial transactions in work network and controlling accounting performance to ensure accurate performance, control liquidity, and allow activity expansion flexibly and securely.
  • Developed with MS SQL Server Database to achieve great performance, quick processing, data protection, and flexible linking and integration between all modules.
  • High efficiency of performance in all sectors, fitness of all business environments even those which use weights and measures or which have lots of items such as drugstores.
  • Trilingual: Arabic, English, and French, Tukey..
  • Achieving instantaneous management of opportunities or risks and supporting administration with required information through miscellaneous reports.


System's Benefits

Why Motakamel Plus Software?

  1. To start structuring your company and controlling your business via using automatic work that achieves accurate performance, saves time, and offers the best results to invest your efforts money and ideas.
  2. To achieve balanced growth in your business. As a result of your activity growth and expansion, the institutional structuring is necessary according to regulatory and technical criteria as to make your organization stronger internally and externally.
  3. Integrated Plus Software are characterized with flexibility in expansion and strength in performance to achieve your objectives and serve your expansion stages, branches pluralism and activities varieties.
  4. Integrated Plus Software start with your necessary requirements in accounting transactions and expand with administrative and specialized software, which grant you with strength to continue.

Motakamel Plus Software Management

  • Integrated Plus Package is comprised of 10 modules, 4 of them are main modules: GL, Inventory, Sales and Purchases. The other modules can be added according to customer requirement.
  • Each module is characterized with independent settings related to its function nature; and can be configured according to the customer’s activity and business requirements.
  • Integrated Plus Package includes Management Module with many tools for controlling the mutual options and parameters of modules, users privileges and backup.
  • It is fully integrated software.


Motakamel Plus Software (Main Modules)

GL Module:

  • Dealing with accounts of commercial, industrial, services activities.
  • Automatic controlling to prevent errors occurrence.
  • Issuing reports about indebtedness in due dates to decrease cost of collection charges.
  • Providing reports of Cash Flows and Financial Statements in time.

Purchases & Vendors Management Module:

  • Archiving vendors data to analyze them and select the suitable one.
  • Distributing local and foreign purchases costs accurately.
  • Handling documentary credits, processing cash and deferred purchasing, and direct effect on warehouses and accounts.
  • Issuing miscellaneous reports for purchases and vendors balances.

Inventory Management Module:

  • Classifying inventory according to design that achieve your organization goals.
  • Following up turnover on the level of item and group to decrease stagnant stock cost.
  • Re-evaluating inventory automatically and physically (costs and quantities).
  • Avoiding problems of failure and damaged or closing for stocktaking through issuing reports about transaction of all warehouses items whenever.

Sales & Customers Management Module:

  • Providing accurate and quick information to develop your sales.
  • Processing sales transactions and effect on warehouses’ quantity and value in cases of sales and returns.
  • Displaying collection transaction and indebtedness reports totally or by each customer (customer, region, vendor, or item, …etc).
  • Recognizing net income and profit margin on the level of each item.

Other Linkable Systems to Motakamel Plus Software

POS System:

grants customers the flexibility of shopping inside retail shops. When it comes for payment, it allows issuing an invoice for customer about his/her purchases items. Besides, it allows monitoring POS transactions; handling promotional offers and discounts percentages.

HR Management System:

HR and Payrolls are the most important of its modules. It creates automatic entries for imprests, advances, allowances, and salaries entry as well as affects these entries directly in the financial system. It issues payroll in payment method for employee. Moreover, it includes the required processing related to functional levels and their privileges, training and appraisal, as well as promotions and leaves, …etc. It also allows issuing miscellaneous reports.

Hotels Management System:

achieves controlling the processes of booking, housing, and departure of hoteliers. It also allows organizing offered privileges for VIP, recording amounts of services, posting to the financial system, and displaying operation cycle reports.

Restaurants Management System:

the most important configuration of this system is defining the offered items for customers and the required options for that. Moreover, it is used for selling customers orders directly through cashier or mobile service. It also is used for processing sale effect on the financial system.


it is specified for planning and following up execution of funded projects by many parties according to the accepted standards in World Bank projects. It is regarded as the most important tool for investors to establish projects. It is fully integrated with Almotakamel Accounting Plus Software according to data configuration and project definitions. Moreover, it allows issuing statistical periodic reports to show the project’s financial statement and performance evaluation.

MRP System..

Hospital Management System.. 

The first version 2018 …..

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