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System's Functions

Tailoring Factories Management System:

The system delivers accounting and productivity management for different tailoring and brocading factories (dresses, suits, gowns, abayas, couches, seatings, curtains and all kinds of clothes and carpets) according to company's business nature and the products' selling place.

Main Configurations:

  • Defining the tailoring laboratory products that are provided to the customers with their models and options.
  • Defining the sewing stages of the customers' orders in details with scheduling and arranging their tasks.

System's Benefits

Main Functions:

  • Adding the customer's order in a new invoice and detailing the models, measurements, illustrations, fabric, price, deposit and pick up date.
  • Issuing cash receipt vouchers for customers' deposit or final payment.
  • Assuring the fulfillment of customers' orders in the various stages of sewing.
  • Issuing cash vouchers for suppliers or labor expenses.
  • Adding the supply and disbursed's information for fabric stock, materials and sewing supplies.
  • Entering the customers ready-to-deliver orders' information.
  • Generating quick and diverse reports of sewing stages, customer requests, delivery dates, available inventory, cash and others.

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Key Features:

  • Possibility of categorizing the sewing into groups and types. 
  • Defining the specifications and models of each type individually to fit the design of each sewing group.
  • Specifying the sizes for each model by type of sewing individually.
  • Possibility of defining the stages of sewing to complete the requested pieces.
  • Option for defining the names of the employees' tasks and linking them to sewing stages.
  • Option for adding employees/staff and linking them to the specific tasks for each employee/ staff.
  • The possibility of adding the customers sewing orders through which are determined: specifications and measurements of the demand and quantity with saving and updating the client's measurements and specifications based on the sewing type with the possibility of automatically retrieving them when the customer order again.
  • Capability to start running customer orders and move between the required phases respectively until finishing the customers' ready requests.
  • Ability of controlling requests and knowing each request at which sewing stage arrived.
  • Issuing various reports for all the mentioned operations above.

System Administration:

  • Adding users and control their privileges.
  • Backup: Scheduling the daily and periodical backups, keep copies, and archiving them.
  • Updating the related variables for products specifications, prices, follow up inventory, and suppliers, etc.
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