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La suite MoutakamelPlus est conçu pour le traitement et l’automatisation des opérations financières dans le réseau de l’entreprise, augmenter les performances et assurer la cohérence des données comptable, et assurer l’expansion des activités d’une façon flexible et sécurisée
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ONYX ERP Points of Sales

General introduction ONYX Pro ERP

Since years of research and study,  ONYX Pro ERP has been serving our clients. Our clients' success, special experience and expertise in different countries served us as an environment of study and analysis for development and production renewable versions.



After the great success of YemenSoft Systems in the Arab Gulf's and the Arab world's markets, and due to our experience in the market and its requirements, we have developed our ERP solution ONYX Pro entirely to serve more than 5,000 companies, including all activities and companies sizes, in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, Turkey, and other countries in the region. Through the Official ONYXPro ERP website you can find out all details about ONYX Pro ERP , also what the elites, the best accountants, and experts in the region said.


Money Transfer System

The most important functions forFinancial Transfers and Exchanges System are:

  1. Processing the operation of selling and purchasing currencies automatically, including its diversity work and multiple payment methods.
  2. An Integrated management for exchange companies and the large remittance.
  3. Editing and sending the outcoming remittance after documented the information.
  4. Searching in the Customers remittances that have been received from all the branches and agents, and archiving the recipient documents.
  5.  Completing the accounting entries proceedings automatically in the cases of incoming and outgoing remittance.
  6. Releasing Varies reports with different Choices for the purposes of reviewing, evaluation, and Decision-making.


Point of Sales System

Most Important Functions:

  • Selling items through reading item codes by Bar Code Reader.
  • Exporting sales data of each point of sale separately in order to control cahiers.
  • Issuing invoices, auto-deducting from the stock quantities during posting invoices of sales and sale-returns.
  • Possibility of payment by credit cards.
  • Connecting system with item promotional offers( Seasonal Offers).    

ONYX Lite System

Most Important Functions:

  • Managing and controlling branches which work as points of sale or sale centers by the most modern accounting methods.
  • Performing sale processes through issuing sale invoices, sale return invoices, price offers (quotations), client orders, receipts( bill payable), and payment order (bill receivable) in sale centers.
  • Updating data between head office and branches promptly by synchronization feature.
  • Monitoring clients accounts of each branch, cash flow, banks transactions, and inventory turnover. 

Production Management System

The Most important functions of the production management system:

| The management of production resources system has the flexibility and accuracy where they can do a documentary cycle of the largest industrial enterprises.

| It contains the system of production, costs, maintenance and control of full quality or partial of accounts ‘costs system only.

| Definition of products and materials, machines and production halls and productivity stages, procedures and requirements of work which are multiple the basic information for the management of production operations.

| Determinate chronic production plans accordance with the basic information and available resources and approved sales orders.

| Issuing the production orders and recording of the daily operating data to follow output of the productive order..

| Calculating of standard and actual products’ costs according to the evidence of cost elements and cost centers, appropriate foundations and rates of distribution which approved by the company in the system..

| Allow to release the full production or to start production operations after the implementation of the testing and analysis procedures to match the approved specifications and quality standards..

| Implementation of maintenance programs’ procedures (preventive or emergency) on the specified dates by the technical requirements for using of production equipment and tools that already have been defined in the system.

| Issuing various reports for all processes with multiple options in spreadsheets and graphical forms..

  • Management and control of production costs’ system that it has components that give it high flexibility of the performance of its functions which relate to either:

- Configure the system to work according to special data in any industrial facility.

- The implementation of productivity operations’ procedures with its components and the various stages.

  • The system’ functions are integrated with Yemen soft financial systems, solutions Onyx Pro accounts, stores, sales and purchases of fixed assets and human resources.

Human Resources Management

The most important functions Human Resources Management System  (HRMS):

  1. System of wages and salaries, administrative affairs system
  2. Modern human resources management helps to raise the work efficiency and increase productivity.
  3. preparing annual estimated budget for salaries and wages with multiple options.
  4. evaluate the performance of the employee in accordance with the specific elements of performance evaluation in advance by the facility.
  5. preparation of plans for the annual training needs with evaluation variance performance sessions.
  6. control the movement of the employee and his movements from department to another or moved from one job to another.
  7. submit reports on the administrative and financial situation of the employee with multiple options.


Procurement Management System

The most important functions for procurement management system:

  1. Contains an integrated system and easy-to-use for management of documentary credits in various ways which internationally recognized and activate the appropriate method for the type of activity by the click of a button..
  2. Integrated management of procurement and suppliers with the latest administrative and accounting methods
  3. Organize suppliers’ data and their dealings classification which approved by the entity with high efficiency.
  4. Processing of purchase requests offered from the sections of the facility and the issuance of purchase orders with precision and flexibility.
  5. Issuing invoices purchases and supply permit and bills and bills of purchases returns.
  6. Processing of operations all types of  internal and external credits and follow-up them.
  7. Provide analytical and a total reports for each procurement and supply operation by various options.

Warehouse Management System

 The most important functions of the Warehouse Management System (WMS):

  1. Management of warehouses’ enterprise and inventory items and goods in all branches of the institution in modern ways that increase the capabilities of management to cover the requirements of the market and increase profitability.
  2.  Organize items in storage groups and types and to specify the accounts which will be affected by them in the accounts management system.
  3. Automated processing of procurement or exchange the quantitative impact on the warehouses and accounting impact for all relevant accounts.
  4. Again evaluate the inventory for quantities and costs by more than one option.
  5.  Review the several ready reports for each warehouse’s molecules, and designing reports that the user wants them to be update.

Sales and Customers Management

( Clients Are Your Assets)

Most Important Functions:

  1. Providing comprehensive and integrated management for organization client affairs in  a manner that make organization gain clients satisfaction, trust, loyalty so that sales and profitability will increase.
  2. Organizing the data relevant to clients, areas, representative in a suitable partition for organization activity.
  3. Issuing client orders according to the price offers already issued by the system.
  4. Generating all types of invoices for sold and returned items and services with flexible options of sequence, installment, discount or charges in accordance to organization activity nature.
  5. Recording all transactions entries and processed all relevant accounts once posting is done.
  6. Issuing many types of total, analytical and chart reports by various options.

Having operating orders for maintenance organization in addition to precise control for warranty periods and devices maintenance, providing a satisfactory service to clients which enhance trust of organization products.         

Accounting Management System


The heart of the Financial Accounting

The most important functions of Accounting Management System:

  1. It contains an automatic mechanism documentary cycle, which covering all acco
  2. unting and finance operations’ company.
  3. Created charts of accounts in a manner compatible with the type , nature and size of the company and its subsidiaries, branches and activities.
  4. Contains projects management system, which serves a lot of construction companies and the various contracts and projects.
  5. Preparation of the estimated budget of the facility at the level of the main and sub-accounts, projects and cost centers and all operations of facility to observe the actual movement and to correct the variances go.
  6. Automatic recording in all related accounts to balancing documents accounting processes .
  7. Review of reports’ operations with multiple options and design reports that wish to get with.

Distribution Management System

Seen down next to your customers to keep them and make your item is the only option
The most important functions of distribution management system:

| Making of a various plans for the distribution of products to customers according to inputs identified by established in the system with respect to ratings of sales points and vendors and products and any related systems so..

| Management Promoters’ performance and sales’ representatives and supervisors according to the established plan and evaluate them daily..

| Inventory stocks of client to control the movement of customers' items.

| Issuing various reports as options areas or traffic lines or other options.

Fixed Assets Management

Invested your assets and keep their readiness up and their capital appreciation

The most important functions of Fixed Assets Management System:

 |  Observation the life cycle of the asset since buying it and even ruled it out.

|  automated calculation of depreciation (annual, monthly, ...) and trace its impact on various accounts.

|  review the reports of the various data and movements that has assets in several options.|  processing financial and administrative of operations assets (buying, selling, depreciation, additions, exclusion, etc.).

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