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System's Functions

The Most important functions of the production management system:

| The management of production resources system has the flexibility and accuracy where they can do a documentary cycle of the largest industrial enterprises.

| It contains the system of production, costs, maintenance and control of full quality or partial of accounts ‘costs system only.

| Definition of products and materials, machines and production halls and productivity stages, procedures and requirements of work which are multiple the basic information for the management of production operations.

| Determinate chronic production plans accordance with the basic information and available resources and approved sales orders.

| Issuing the production orders and recording of the daily operating data to follow output of the productive order..

| Calculating of standard and actual products’ costs according to the evidence of cost elements and cost centers, appropriate foundations and rates of distribution which approved by the company in the system..

| Allow to release the full production or to start production operations after the implementation of the testing and analysis procedures to match the approved specifications and quality standards..

| Implementation of maintenance programs’ procedures (preventive or emergency) on the specified dates by the technical requirements for using of production equipment and tools that already have been defined in the system.

| Issuing various reports for all processes with multiple options in spreadsheets and graphical forms..

  • Management and control of production costs’ system that it has components that give it high flexibility of the performance of its functions which relate to either:

- Configure the system to work according to special data in any industrial facility.

- The implementation of productivity operations’ procedures with its components and the various stages.

  • The system’ functions are integrated with Yemen soft financial systems, solutions Onyx Pro accounts, stores, sales and purchases of fixed assets and human resources.

System's Benefits

The benefits of the production management system:

1     The ability to competition and controlling of prices in accordance with the accurate and data costs from the system. .

2     Checking out the ability to implementation the required product plans in the specified period of the available possibilities through the cases of production equipment and availability of raw materials and packing materials..

3     Measuring the efficiency of consumption of raw materials and analyze the justification for variances..

4     Measuring the efficiency of the exploitation of labor, machines and analysis of the justification for stop..

5     knowledge of the costs of each the productive and service center in detail and total, and knowledge of the elements of the cost of each product inside the center..

6     Specify variances’ costs by comparing actual costs and standard costs..

7     Specify the actual consumption of raw materials to standard is..

8     Measuring the size of productivity, and specify variances’ consumption of raw materials at the level of productive period or shift, halls or product line..

    Full integration of the system with the financial and accounting systems of Yemensoft.

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