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La suite MoutakamelPlus est conçu pour le traitement et l’automatisation des opérations financières dans le réseau de l’entreprise, augmenter les performances et assurer la cohérence des données comptable, et assurer l’expansion des activités d’une façon flexible et sécurisée
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System's Functions

Archiving System

It is used for auto keeping and indexing documents and files and issuing detailed reports of all various data with the capability to be reviewed at anytime and from anywhere.

Key Functions

  • Design the archiving tree in many levels according to the appropriate classification for the company. In the last level of the tree, which is specified for the document, the user can design default fields that fit the archived documents data by of the system.
  • Index and record documents in the primary storage of system via many methods of keeping, recording and retrieving at anytime  and from anywhere on work network and in multiple methods of reading.
  • Manage all documents, record, users, groups and privileges with a precise auto control of all users by the system's administrator.
  • Issue summary and detailed reports of the company documents, contents, categories and various data.

System's Benefits

Key Benefits:

  1. Keep a primary storage for documents that is safe, of small volume and easy to move to be saved or used.
  2. User-friendly: it is designed to be easy to use while also being feature rich. The interface is intuitive, yet the features are broad, advanced, and powerful.
  3. Easy and quick auto access to documents during their life cycle.
  4. Central archiving of documents so as to view any document (related to a specific branch in any city) from anywhere of the company branches either via the LAN or WAN.
  5. Archived documents are legal evidences/references that can be used in the future such as invoice of sales signed by the client as the client’s signature is evidence.
  6. Close control on the company documents via keeping and defining the privileges of using.
  7. Auto share of documents that are allowed to circulate among users.


Key Settings:

  1. Design archiving tree in multiple levels.
  2. Design identifications fields of documents data.
  3. Build additional categories/ classifications to expand and utilize advanced searching methodologies.
  4. Distribute search templates according to user privileges.
  5. Add the privileges of users’ groups.

Key Features:

  1. Organize and classify documents to be easily and quickly accessed by any user at a moment’s notice.
  2. Easy search and access to various documents through the key words and privileges granted.
  3. Issue detailed reports of documents as well as users control.
  4. Save a backup for all archived documents up to the date of the copy.
  5. Documents recovery mechanism to achieve quick review.

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