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System's Functions

Clubs & Parks Management System

Managing the facility operations of the youth and social activity, entertaining parks, and fitness clubs with their administrational, technical and financial performance. By using the system, the management will assure that the members and the facility staffs take advantage of its provided services.

(Gym, Spa, Fitness Clubs, Health Centers, social clubs, Amusement Parks)




System's Benefits

Key Features:

  • Generatingsingle membership for individuals or group membership for specific number of members on behalf of an institution or group.
  • The ease of adopting a free membership in the collective subscription for any approved number by the management and specifying that in the system settings.
  • Controlling the subscription's visits by the facility in case of limiting the number of visits per package.
  • Accepting the members' companions when entering the facility and adding their information in the system.
  • Instant monitoring of the current members within the facility at any time and knowing their specific information.
  • The possibility of requesting to postpone the membership and suspend it until future request for activation by the member.
  • The possibility of linking with electronic gateway to regulate the entry and exit from and to the facility.
  • Easy to search using multiple options to access the required information.
  • Automatic effect of the various types of suspension to control the electronic gateway.
  • Presenting alerts to the user for the membership status such as: (Starts tomorrow, End today, Active, Waiting, Did not show up, etc.)
  • Adding the taxes immediately on the membership amount when selecting the taxes options in the system settings.
  • Dealing with the possibility of partial payment for the total amount and scheduling the remaining balance.
  • Send alerts (SMS) to the subscriber's mobile for the purpose of (Welcoming, Thanking, Reminding, Violation, Direct message, etc.)


Main Functions:

  • Adding a new member with his/her primary information or renewing the membership.
  • Issuing tickets for members and visitors to take advantage of the direct services.
  • Issuing cash receipts with total amount paid or partial payment.
  • Linking with electronic gateway to regulate entry and exit from and to the facility.
  • Generating the membership contract in details with the regulations and instructions must be followed at the facility in a printed copy for the subscriber to agree and sign it.
  • Issuing the membership card (ID) or replacing it with same details, instructions, membership number, and subscription code.
  • Add periodic measurements to the member of the fitness clubs and compare them with the previous measurements to make the appropriate recommendations by the coaches and the specialists.
  • Adding the member's violation with its type, time, and the procedures that have been taken.
  • Providing verity reports for the various system operations with many options for its processes, subscribers' situations, for different period of time.
  • Posting to the accounting systems for the selected operations and their duration and the direct financial impact on the related accounts.

System Configurations:

  • Identify the facility with its fundamental information and its branches information.
  • Identifying the staff at the facility with their personal information and qualification and link them with their assigned tasks.
  • Identifying each of the provided service at the facility with the main, specialized and operational information to facilitate the system operations.
  • Classifying the services in a promotional offers or packages with their timing and prices and allow repeating the service in more than an offer.
  • Selecting the appropriate system options and variables to fit with the facility business nature.
  • Coding the currency and the approved taxes, and link the accounts that will be used.
  • Defining the subscription types at the facility, durations, and their pricing.
  • Defining the ticket classes and pricing them based on the facility desires.
  • Defining the customers' types, their data, and ways of dealing with them within the different system operations.
  • Encoding the gender, age groups, and health barriers to measure the compatibility with the subscriptions
  • Preparing the text messages SMS forms and procedures to send them to the members of the facility for different purposes.
  • Defining the members' violations and the procedures to be taken.

Help Tools:

  • Reviewing the system user manual with sections that benefit the users and develop their skills.
  • Accessing the screen instructions in which the user is viewing.
  • Accessing the user alerts that are provided by the system for its multiple tasks.

"The Clubs & Parks Management System is used at the facilities along with the electronic gateway, and can be used for more than one user in each location based on the size of the facility and its activity"


System Usage Environment:

Requirements for Running and Using the Clubs & Parks Management System Item

Processor: Intel Core i9 or Intel Xeon E3 (minimum)

RAM: 16 GB (minimum) + ½ GB for each user

Storage: RAID1 (Two 512GB 7200-RPM SATA/SAS Hard Disks) (minimum)

OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 or later

Database: MS SQL Server 2008 R2 or later


Processor: Intel Core i7-4th gen. or equivalent (minimum)

RAM: 8 GB (minimum)

Storage: 512GB 7200-RPM HD/256GB SSD (minimum)

OS: Windows 7/8.1/10    -/Microsoft office 2010
.NET Framework 4.0 Full    -/Adobe Reader
Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox …

Terminal Stations
The software was developed on SQL Server databases that achieve high security and accuracy. System features allows to save an automatic backup based on the management settings. Reliability & Security of Database
English, Arabic, French, Turkish Available Languages
  • The Clubs & Parks Management System is installed for the client on the server at their facility to use it in the internal network or Hosting space on the Cloud.
  • The specialist install the Customer Service Application CRM Mobile on the personal mobile of the system operator.
Installing the System
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