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La suite MoutakamelPlus est conçu pour le traitement et l’automatisation des opérations financières dans le réseau de l’entreprise, augmenter les performances et assurer la cohérence des données comptable, et assurer l’expansion des activités d’une façon flexible et sécurisée
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System's Functions




Hotel Professional

To Manage, process and control hotel booking and reception, internal supervision and guest services, document housing data, manage business quality and delivery, and migrate the financial operations of the accounting program.

System's Benefits


New Reservations

(Begin a reservation with a rate and availability search. Complete all the necessary fields that are required to complete the reservation (i.e. Arrival, Departure, Room Type, Rate Code, Res. Type, etc.).

  • New Reservation with Rate Query
  • Pre-block reservations
  • Search and Edit Reservation
  • Multiple Rate Reservation
  • Fixed Rate Reservation
  • Name Change on a Reservation
  • Reservation with Multiple Profiles
  • Reservation with Negotiated Rate
  • Individual Group Reservation
  • Cancel a Reservation
  • Waitlist a Reservation

Reservation Options

  • Agent/ Company
  • Reservation type (GTD/6PM)
  • Changes Reservation status( No Show / Canceled)
  • Confirmation
  • Credit Cards
  • Deposit/CXL
  • Facility Scheduler
  • Fixed Charges
  • History
  • Register Card
  • Routing

Additional Reservation Features

  • Room Plan
  • Batch Confirmations
  • Calendar

Front Office

Arrivals and Check In

  • Searching for Arrivals (Checking In a Guest)
  • Placing an Arrival into Queue
  • Managing the Queue
  • Checking In a Walk-In Guest

In House Guests

  • Searching for In-House Guests
  • Editing In-House Guest Records
  • Canceling a Check-In

Additional Front Desk Features  

  • Room Assignment
  • Room Move
  • extended-stay ( for long-term guests)
  • Wake Up Calls
  • Accounts – Posting Masters (PM) for (Complimentary and House Use Check In)


Cashiering Basics

  • Understand Debits and Credits

Debit - a transaction posting that “adds” to the guest’s folio balance where the guest consumes a charge and owes the hotel for the service. For example, when a guest charges an item such as dinner in the restaurant, that charge posts to the guest’s account (Folio) as a debit using a Transaction Code.

Credit - a transaction posting that “subtracts” from the guest folio balance where the guest pays for a charge or service applied to their folio. Another way to credit the guest’s account is posting an adjustment to a guest’s folio. In most cases, credits are payments posted when a guest checks out. For example, when a guest makes a payment, or there is an adjustment or correction to the folio, the payment or adjustment posts to the guest’s account (Folio) as a credit using a Transaction Code (i.e. Cash).

  • Navigating Folios
  • Posting a Charge
  • Transfer Charges to/from Another Room
  • Transfer Charges to/from Another Folio Window
  • Posting Payments
  • Preview, Print, and File a Folio
  • Split a Charge
  • Adjusting a Charge
  • Adjust an Interface or Night Audit Posting
  • Correct / Edit a Charge
  • Guest Refunds and Paid Outs

Billing Options

  • Credit Cards
  • Fixed Charges
  • Posting History
  • Post Rate Code
  • Routing

Check Out

  • Cash Check Out
  • Credit Card Check Out
  • Direct Bill Check Out
  • Settlement and Early Departure
  • Reinstate a Check Out
  • Individuals check out

Cashier Functions

  • Cashier Reports
  • Exchange Rates
  • Folio History
  • Deposit / CXL
  • Receipt History
  • Cashier Shift Close
  • Reprint Cashier Reports



Hotel Pro’s Rooms Management module enables employees to view and control various facets of a room's condition, status, and availability. With housekeeping, room history, occupancy, and maintenance information at their fingertips, Rooms Management and Housekeeping departments work together seamlessly; efficiently addressing areas that need attention thereby better ensuring guests’ satisfaction

The Housekeeping option allows guest preferences on turndown service or requests service times for room service. Additionally, any notes that Housekeeping might need for this guest apply using this option and display on the department’s Task Assignment sheets

(Input required)

Hotel Chart (organization structure and levels / job titles and levels)


Working Shifts


  • Changing the Status of a Room
  • Room Conditions
  • Room Discrepancies
  • Attendant Points
  • Task Assignment
  • Turndown Tasks
  • Housekeeping Chart


Additional Rooms Management Options

  • Out of Order / Out of Service (It is not possible to take an occupied or reserved room to a status of Out of Order)
  • Maintenance

Night Audit

The business date in HOTEL PRO is automatically changed when the real date changes.

There are three components to the audit process:


  • Missing Gust Information Check / Correct (Missing Info. Check)
  • Review companies reservation (Companies Reservations Review)and Comp/House – ensure that these are approved by management
  • Departure Date – correct departure date for the guest which needed to extend their stay(Departures Not Checked-Out)
  • Grantee reservations(GTD) should arrivals today, and doesn’t make chick in (Arrivals Yet To Check-In)


  • Review (Deposit/CXL or No Show Revenue) reflects that the cancelled reservation is Paid (Refunded Un-canceled Reservations Review)
  •  Review guests departure folios balance(Checked Out Balance Review)
  • Credit Limit (all payments/ discount) and Debit Limit (Paid out) for guests (Paid out And Discount Review)
  • Audit moving guest rooms with reasons(Room Transfer Review)
  • Prepare and distribute a range of reports such as:

(Trial Balance or Room balance sheet / Cashier summary report / Manager report / No Show Report / Companies guests report / Arrivals for new day report / Due Departures)

  • Make Night Auditor Observations(Weather And Notes)


  • Night Audit Posting


The most important types of reports:

  • Manager report
  • Daily Sales report
  • Trial balance report
  • Reservations report (No-show / cancellation)
  • Payments and Receipts Reports
  • Revenue report
  • Users report
  • Guest’s in house report
  • Chick in report
  • Extended-stay report
  • Services report
  • Taxes report

  • The HOTEL PRO has reports designer to design a new report format according to the requirements of the hotel's administration in its size, format and fields data.


  1. Guest profile
  2. Guest application
  3. SMS massages
  4. Wake Up Calls
  5. Alerts
  6. Interface with back office systems(financial systems)
  7. Integrated with electronic doors and TCP / IP-Comport
  8. Using the system in mobile tablets from any location for hotels staff

Modules of Hotel Pro Software

                    Version                    Hotel Pro Cost
Standard Professional Profiles
ü  - Guest Profile
- ü  Advanced Guest Profile
û  ü  Registration Cards And Membership Additional Cost
Standard Professional Reservations
ü  ü  Individual & Group Reservation
ü  - Reservations with Plans And Prices
- ü  Rate Query- Rate Code
ü  ü  Rooms schedule
Standard Professional Front Offices
ü  ü  Check In a Guests
ü  ü  Room Move
ü  ü  extended-stay ( for long-term guests)
ü  ü  Room Plan
û  ü  Linking with Electronic Door Locks Additional Cost
Standard Professional Cashier
ü  ü  Guest Payments
ü  ü  Paid-out
ü  ü  Room Services (Cash & Credit)
ü  ü  Service Confirm(breakfast)
ü  ü  Routing
û  ü  Transfer Charges to/from Another Folio Window Additional Cost
û  ü  Transfer Charges to/from Another Room Additional Cost
Standard Professional Reports
ü  ü  Front Offices & Reservations Reports
ü  ü  Cashier Reports
û  ü  Report Designer Additional Cost
û  ü  Dash Board Additional Cost
Standard Professional Nazeel Application
û  ü  Request a Service orders

Additional Cost

û  ü  Invoice Display
û  ü  Extension of Stay Request
û  ü  View packages
Standard Professional House Keeping
û  ü  HK Transactions Additional Cost
û  ü  Attendant Points Additional Cost
û  ü  HK staff Application Additional Cost
ü  ü  Laundry
Standard Professional Night Audit
û  ü  Night Audit Transactions Additional Cost
û  ü  Use Notifications(tracking) Additional Cost
û  ü  Use Night Audit's Messages Additional Cost
Standard Professional Accounts
ü  ü  Ability to Interface with back office systems(financial systems)
ü  ü  City ledger & Settlements         
Standard Professional Communication & Notifications
ü  ü  Extension Connect
û  ü  SMS massages Additional Cost
û  ü  Guest Notifications and alerts

Additional Cost

û  ü  Users massages
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