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System's Functions

Telebanking system provides you with bank information and procedures via phone, through Interactive voice response (IVR) technology. Telebanking system is an integrated information system developed for IVR unit by YemenSoft. As leader providers in this field in Yemen, we are competent to develop optimal solutions of IVR integrated systems.

Yet, there is no competitive medium of telephone network in access, speed, economy and information focus. Information exchange process through this medium is focused exactly between sender and receiver, since receiver gets only the particular information he wants whereas sender controls the nature and quantity of information provided. All these information are available alive and confidential at any time required.     

In the bank provides this service, clients are able to get actual information immediately about their accounts by using any phone, anywhere, any time.

Clients can also send instructions regarding their accounts transactions to the bank.

Although bank officer at present time searches information manually with a careful manner, but most banks have no effective means to enables client to get information by phone.

And this causes clients and bank employees somewhat of frustration equally.

To avoid such a problem, you can connect a computer provided by a telebanking system with a telephone of processing software in order to transmit information to caller.

Telebanking system utilizes human voice recorded digitally to instruct caller through the device he calls from and follows several of optional menus and responses the service wanted by caller either by voice or via fax. All telebanking services are provided for clients during  24 hours a day, 7 days a week , 365 days a year. Caller is charged of information transmission cost.   

The bank can also publish information according to publish list in scheduled times.

System's Benefits

  • Providing clients with high class service.
  • Continuous service for 24 hour a day - 7 days a week – 365 day a year.
  • Competitive technology.
  • Handling all routine inquiries automatically, this means effective usage of employees’ time and skills in performing creative works.
  • Consistent quality service that equalize call in ordinary time with call in peak time.
  • Courtesy service at all times – doesn’t depend on burden or mood of employee.
  • High confidentiality of information.
  • Decrease level of routine procedure for provided service.
  • Less cost and shorter time for training of employees to operate system.  
  • Reduction level of crowd in bank.
  • More communication between bank and clients.
  • No break for breakfast, lunch or tea – No emergency or sick leaves.

Benefits Gained by Clients:

  • Getting information about account anywhere they are either in office or at home.
  • Permanent up-to-date information through telephone.
  • Information about account anywhere and anytime.
  • Automatically routine instructions – neither visits nor massages.
  • No additional or complicated devices required from client.
  • Saving time and cost of going to bank and returning to get information.
  • No more frustration for clients during getting information.

System Requirement

This high technology is considered as a key of changing in bank information resource, it is called telebanking according to Interactive Voice Response technology (IVR).

Telebanking system of any financial institution such as banks contains cards of IVR device, like cards of voice processing system from Vantage VPS Company, which are manufactured to present vocal service mentioned below “Services Menu”    

Telebanking system utilizes devices consists of digital signals processing system in addition to system files of digital signals processing which are needed by Telecom cards.

Telebanking system is being developed to present utilities of IVR service that mentioned in “Service Menu” and contains:

  • Developed system of telebanking that consists of :
  • Software application interface.
  • Text translator application.
  • Terminal imitation system for setting communication, conversation and processing of information received from server database that contains fresh data which updated from time to time.
  •  Operating system Windows 2000/Windows NT.
  • Local database Oracle9i.
  • Callers/calls counter and monitoring program.
  • Applications with admin. Interface like menu, developed by advanced programming languages such as ++MS-VC Version 6.

Services Provided by System

Services provided are:

  • Voice response.
  • Voice response in Arabic and English.
  • 24 hour service.
  • Speedy access for experienced callers.
  • Record of all calls occurred between client and system.

You can see more details in the attachment (Brochoure) of the product 

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