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Yemensoft in SITEX Khartoum 2018
YemenSoft at GITEX Dubai 2014
Yemensoft launches the new version of Onyx Pro at GITEX Dubai 2014
La suite MoutakamelPlus est conçu pour le traitement et l’automatisation des opérations financières dans le réseau de l’entreprise, augmenter les performances et assurer la cohérence des données comptable, et assurer l’expansion des activités d’une façon flexible et sécurisée
YemenSoft in CeBIT 2016
YemenSoft participated in the CeBIT 2016 World Technology in Hanover, Germany to showcase its latest software releases to European and international markets
50 Innovative Companies To Watch 2018
YemenSoft was selected as one of the top 50 innovative companies for the year of 2018 by the US universal technology magazine The Silicon Review

Customer Self Service


Customer Self Service Mobile Application is communication tool for Onyx software users to facilitate fulfilling quick tasks related to clients to manage their activities and develop their business relationships.

Employee Self Service


Employee Self Service Mobile Application to facilitate and develop HR services for employees by handling requests and feedbacks and remote follow-up via employee’s mobile until the employee’s service is carried out.

Bill Collection Mobile App‏


Utilities Mobile App, a special app designed and developed for utilities service providers such as water and electricity to enables their agents to collect payment on the go through their smart phones.

Onyx Money Transfer Agent Mobile


Onyx Money Transfer Agent is developed mobile app specially for money transfer and exchange businesses. The App enables all external and authorized agents, dealers or franchise to preform money exchange and money transfer as well as bill payment.

Receiving Mobile App


Our receiving mobile App is a prompt tool for receiving all purchased products into Onyx ERP Solutions. Easy and handy tool for all warehouse receivers.

Onyx Quantity Preparing


Onyx Quantity Preparing App, an easy and handy App that quickly preform all orders picking, packing, labelling and shipping activities along with sales invoicing.

Transportation Mobile


Transport Mobile Application is communication link between passengers and land transport companies for marketing their trips and spread their information to their clients to facilitate their booking.

Motakamel Plus Mobile‏


Motakamel Plus Mobile App, a powerful tool to track and report all enterprise accounts, stocks balances, clients and vendors activities through advanced modern dashboard.  Which was designed to display the main KPI’s and enable management to make the correct decision and take the right action by simple clicks.

Onyx Shopping


Onyx Shopping is a new ecommerce mobile App which enables individual customers to connect and start shopping online. Orders are automatically received and shipped to the customers.

Inventory Stocking Mobile


Stock Inventory Mobile App is the enhanced fastest way to preform warehouse inventory (partial or full cycle counts) simply through any mobile phone and upload all activities to Onyx ERP Solutions.

Fixed Assets Inventory Mobile


Our new mobile App simplify and ease the complicated fixed assets inventory processes. The App enables users to perform assets inventory from anywhere, whether from headquarters, branch or even personal custody.

Collection Mobile


Collection Mobile App is a fast and easy to use managing tool for cash or cheques collection from any smart phone. The app reflects all transactions online on Onyx ERP system.

Onyx Orders App


Onyx Orders App is the fastest way to manage customer’s orders. Sales agents can easily submit all client’s and distributer’s orders from their own mobile phones.

Onyx orders App allows sales agent to navigate through all products, client’s list and inventory to place the correct order in seconds.

Ultimate Taxi Mobile


Ultimate Taxi Mobile Application is used for organizing transportation services. It is used by the passenger (client) to find a taxi in the area to take him to his destination in specific cost. It is also used by taxi drivers for the client’s follow-up and service.
The application supports using electronic maps; and allows service evaluation and booking next trips.

Restaurant Mobile


Restaurant Mobile Application facilitates the client via displaying all types of food photos on mobile or tablet to choose his order. Then the client order will be received to issue the bill for follow-up and payment.

Restaurant Mobile Application comprises of modules with specific tasks like chef organization of orders menu, organization of client order delivery and management follow-up of miscellaneous administrative reports and indicators.

Distribution Track Mobile


Our new intelligent Distribution Tracking App will monitor and track all your distribution movement step by step, the App will track progress of each agent’s distribution plan along with multiple dashboards and reports.

Distribution Mobile ‏App


The Distribution Mobile App fully manages the distribution process from A to z. it helps businesses in carrying out the daily distribution plans including targeted clients and all distribution sub-tasks. Our new App improves the distribution process and overall efficiency through tracking and optimising the distribution processes to provide the best and quickest distribution routs to deliver products and goods to the market as well as building outstanding relations with clients.

The Distribution Mobile App analyse the distribution process and provide the distribution agents, supervisors and management with the best accurate KPI’s for future improvement. The App also uploads all data to the Onyx enterprise system online.


ONYX Pro Mobile


ONYX Performance Indicators, new intelligent App that manages the whole financial performance businesses including accounts, client’s and vendor’s. The app provides multiple reporting dashboards to display the organization KPI’s. The App provide full document and requests approval capability.

Our new intelligent App enables management to monitor the business performance online at any time and from anywhere, so they can react faster and take the proper action to overcome any deficiencies on time.


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